Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 4 Recap – Getting Schooled

So the drama took a slight step away from MJ’s personal life this week, her focus is on the newsroom and trying to get out of her downgraded role as web correspondent and she’s found a  controversial story to help her.  A video of a black boy being beaten by his father for wearing  a kilt to school has gone viral and she pitches it as a vehicle to get back on air.

Resident nemesis No. 2 Justin (Michael Ealy), disagrees of course, because that’s his job, to antagonise and frustrate her,  and he’s backed up by Nemesis No.1, Queen Bitch Ronda (Valarie Pettiford), although this time they both have valid points.  They describe the father’s harsh reaction as parenting, not an assault and MJ’s plans seems thwarted once again.

Undeterred, MJ covers the story online and it picks up enough hits to make it to Good Day America’s homepage leaving her boss Garrett (Ashton Holmes) with no choice, they have to give her an on air segment interviewing the kid in the video. This is more like the cunning, brilliant Mary Jane from Atlanta.

Discussing the story with new boyfriend, creepy Lee (Chiké Okonkwo) MJ discovers he also owns a Kilt which surprisingly makes her flinch. “Why do we question a person’s sexual orientation based on what they wear?” asks Lee.  Good question.  The story is widely discussed and a good way to approach the topic of black masculinity, although I feel they could’ve gone much deeper.

Moving on to the main event  this episode, Kara (Lisa Vidal) starts to heat things up with baseball star and her new protégé Orlando Lagos (Nicholas Gonzalez). Kara successfully pitched Orlando to be the new sports presenter to impress Garrett and keep Justin at bay especially as he’s getting all the office attention. Her tutorial last week sparked something in both of them, the attraction spills over out of office hours and they end up sleeping together

But Orlando isn’t hitting any spots, not even getting to A much less G!   MJ advises Kara to teach him a few tricks, she moulded him into an anchor  in the newsroom so she can surely do the same in the bedroom.  But Miss Kara is so harsh with it, she tells him he’s the sexual equivalent of a plank of wood, the poor man.  Orlando, bless him, is bruised, but agrees to be her tutee.  I felt so sorry for him during his long, long long, tutorial, how much can one ego take? Kara needs a chill pill, she approaches everything like a job, a task to be conquered. She has her own set of issues, I noticed that with her parenting. She and MJ, are birds of a feather.

Anyway, Orlando is game, he like Kara, treats this like a job, a baseball game, and attacks in the same way, he gets it eventually, and so does Kara in more ways than one!  After her last romantic liaison it was good for her to work out some of that NYC tension. But, in this programme you never get too much of a good thing, poor Orlando strains his neck during an energetic round of cunnilingus. (Wouldn’t we all love a man who gives his all like that!) He’s out of the office and out of her bed for a few weeks.

After many attempts Mary Jane manages to track down the Kid for an interview, she catches up with him and his father at their house.  She, at least, gets to hear both sides of the issue, the father expressing that he was trying to keep his son safe, which is his job.  However when MJ assumes the kid is gay she gets her own lesson in gender fluidity and why, as Lee said earlier, you should not judge people by their clothing. Where Mary Jane was seen as the champion of all causes by bringing this story to the forefront in the newsroom, she now realises she inhibits the same rigid mindset as the Father,  Justin, et al and gets to re-examine her own thought process.

The interview bangs and gets MJ back in favour with the team,  She even manages a few civil words with Justin who reveals that his own father was harsh, but reiterated that it made him stronger,  making the point that neither him nor the kid in the kilt were victims.  This episode you also see MJ and Kara attempt to get info on Justin via a co worker who asks him out.  Instead he takes the tickets for his girlfriend, MJ assumes Justin does not like black women and is shocked to see a dark skinned sister with braids greet him with a kiss that evening.  The storyline with these two is moving at a slow pace but I’m still holding out for a Gabrielle Union/Michael Ealy sex scene.

Mary Jane also has to take a step back from judging her brother PJ who shows up to meet Lee with a 3k rolex adorning his wrist. MJ assumes he has a sugar mama buying  his affections but then meets his boss who assures her he is a great employee, there is more to the story there, why has this women entrusted PJ to babysit her spoilt teenaged daughter?

4 episodes in, Being Mary Jane is still an adjustment for us viewers, the lack of family involvement is showing, we need to keep up with Atlanta more. MJ is surely due a visit and what is happening with Niecey, Dante and the $45k car?  Hopefully we find out next week.

Being Mary Jane airs every Sunday, 10pm on BET International.


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