Being Mary Jane Season 4 – Episode 6 & 7 Recaps

Double header recap this week! Mary Jane gets back to Atlanta and back to work as things settle in her personal life and heat up in the office.

Episode 6 – Getting Home

An event honouring Thurgood Marshall is a great excuse for Mary Jane and Kara to mix business with pleasure and get back to Atlanta to see their family. It is also an opportunity for MJ to flex her journalist muscles for a change and try to snatch a big political interview for Good Day USA.

We’re only back in Atlanta for a hot minute before creepy Lee pops up at The Patterson’s. MJ had already given away her paid-for hotel room and apparently everywhere else was full so Lee gets to meet and greet all the Patterson’s straight away. Is it just me wondering where he got their full address from?  He was on the phone to Mary Jane and ended up at the front door, how did he know she would be there and not the hotel?  Anyway, Lee gets a warm reception from the entire family apart from Niecy – her spidey senses are tingling.

Lee especially gets on with Mr Patterson Senior, eating his nasty swine concoction (Hogs Head Cheese), listening to his old school stories and doing everything to ensure he has his approval.  He was achieving this with Mrs Patterson until he got too comfortable.  Mrs Patterson insists the couple sleep in separate rooms, but on the one night they try to get it on naked Lee is caught flashing his royal jewels to the wrong Patterson woman! At least Helen knows what MJ sees in him now.

At the Thurgood Marshall dedication event MJ is reunited with some of her old colleagues who seem slightly jealous over her new NYC position, if only they knew! They are all in competition again, trying to snag an interview with the elusive Judge McCallister, a supreme court justice nominee. Lee makes himself useful for once, using his comedic prowess to lure one of MJ’s competitors away from monopolising the Judge allowing MJ to make her move. The journalist is so aggrieved he later goads Lee into a fight telling him that MJ only likes ‘ballers’ and calls her a self-serving bitch. After a quick one two punch Lee lays him out and no doubt enamours MJ even more

Lee ends the trip to Atlanta with a polite parental conversation with Niecy who warmed to him after he gave her advice about Treyvion, his comedy show in Atlanta, attended by the entire family and a surprise song on stage from Mama Helen.  Mission accomplished. The Patterson’s are whole again, MJ got her journalist mojo back  and Creepy Lee moves one step closer to being Mr Mary Jane Paul… I STILL don’t trust him, can you tell?


Episode 7 – Getting Judged

After the Atlanta family reunion it’s now Mary Jane’s turn to taste some of Lee’s reality by meeting his two teenaged children, Catherine and Aiden. The family play date is taking place in the pool at MJ’s hotel room and she shows some old signs of over panic by buying  an obscene amount of toys more suitable for toddlers. I understand MJ gets neurotic but she has looked after her nieces & nephews and has been around Kara’s kids, it’s not a foreign concept. This course of action is more akin to someone who has never spent time with children at all. She bought the same toys she would get for her little nephew Treyvion for a 13 year old boy FFS! The initial meeting goes well, and she realises just how old Aiden is when she catches him wanking off with her underwear. Awk…ward!   Now she has to tell her creepy boyfriend that he has an equally creepy son LOL!

At Good Day USA the rivalry between MJ and frenemy Ronda has been leaked to the press with MJ portrayed as the young bitch going at the queen.  After a few seconds of speculation Kara discovers the leak came from their own Senior Marketing execs, creating a scandal for ratings. Weirdly, that storyline is quickly bypassed for her upcoming interview with Judge McCallister,  which is produced by Justin, for why?  Anyway Justin has dug up some dirt on the Judge which has racial implications and convinces MJ to hit him with it live on air. (I’m pretty sure this same combative approach was what Justin said the station didn’t want and he didn’t like but OK).

Watching Justin (Michael Ealy) and MJ bond whilst working on this interview is cute, the sexual tension is building,  hopefully we get to see some action between them soon.  They are officially allies now, maybe, Justin may have an ulterior motive.  MJ has studied Ronda’s style and he is adamant that she should form her own identity, not a bad thing, but the negative energy between Justin & Ronda is evident and I get the feeling MJ is being brought into the middle of a war she wants no part of.

Last week Mary Jane spoke with Judge McCallister’s wife to secure the interview but when they get to the station it is Ronda who greets them and welcomes them to the station, undermining MJ yet again. The interview goes as Justin planned, much to the shock and disgust of everyone else. After hitting the judge with the dirt they had on him the interview is halted by Ronda & the wife and a decision is made by big boss Garrett for both women to join the interview to thwart Mary Jane’s approach. Justin, however, is fully in MJ’s corner and is pleased with the outcome, there will be more repercussions from this next week no doubt.

The side-plot with Mary Jane’s younger brother PJ (B.J. Britt) and his bosses little bitch daughter Ava, better be going somewhere otherwise it’s a waste of screen time and unbelievable.  A man as intelligent and astute as PJ would never allow a 22yr old spoilt brat to manipulate him into using her mother’s house to get a girl into bed. Then outsmart him by sneaking in and stealing his rolex. Yawn.  Hopefully she’s the next cast member to die because it’s time for Ava to go.

This season is moving a bit slow for me,  I guess the new writers are finding their feet, but they need to step up soon.  The twin location is a struggle, but we will persevere.

Being Mary Jane airs every Sunday in the UK, 10pm on BET International.


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