#BritOnTheRise David Gyasi Feature, Panic, Gets November Release Date!

For a hot minute, were worried, but all is well! The David Gyasi starrer, Panic, was slated for a September 23, 2016, release, and we were all geared up and looking forward to the London-set Sean Spencer nail-biter, tagged as “a 21st century ‘Rear Window’-esque thriller”!

Gyasi plays music journalist Andrew Deeley, who lives in self-imposed isolation in a high-rise tower block, psychologically scarred after a vicious attack. He becomes infatuated with one his neighbours, Kem, a beautiful young Chinese woman. When Amy, a married woman he meets online, witnesses Kem’s kidnapping, Deeley is left with no choice but to try and find Kem himself. Armed with only an Oyster card and a hammer, Deeley has to navigate the criminal underworld as he fights to save Kem.

Panic exhibited at the British Urban Film Festival in September 2016. TBB were delighted to see Gyasi hanging out with Kobna Holdbrook-Smith at the BFI Black Star diversity symposium in October, which also moved keynote speaker David Oyelowo to make an emotional plea to give talent like theirs a chance. Hear, hear!

Produced by White Night Films, Panic will now be released on November 18th, 2016, and VOD on November 21st on. No USA release news at this time. Gyasi, who has that cool Nicholas Pinnock-like quality about him, was most recently seen as Alex`Lex’ Carnahan in the viral outbreak series Containment which aired on E4 over the summer. Based on the Belgian TV series Cordon, an epidemic that breaks out in Atlanta, leaving a section of the city cordoned off under quarantine and those stuck on the inside fighting for their lives, exploring such major themes as love, loss, and duty.

He will next be seen in sci-fi thriller Annihilation, directed by, Ex Machina’s Alex Garland, starring Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Oscar Isaac, with Gina Rodrigues and Tessa Thompson. Filming began in the capital over the Spring, once Gyasi joined the cast.

We’re right behind him!


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