British Actor Chiké Okonkwo Joins New Season of Being Mary Jane

Thank the heavens Being Mary Jane is back! Season 4 of the hit US show starring Gabrielle Union premiered on US BET on January 11th. In a nutshell Union stars as Mary Jane Paul, a wildly successful TV reporter who is searching for love in all the wrong places.

Even better news, British Nigerian actor Chiké Okonkwo (Birth of a Nation, Citizen Khan, Banshee) has joined the cast of the new season of Being Mary Jane.

Last season Mary-Jane’s single mother niece Niecy (Raven Tyshanna Goodwin) suffered an indecent stop and search by a white police officer. The mother of her ex David (Stephen Bishop) came by her house to tell her that David still loves hero – even though David is married and has a child.  There was a five-second moment with a white guy… which I think, due to audience side-eye, or whatever, this relationship is short-lived with Mary-Jane declaring – “I like black men; I like black love.”
Unfortunately CeCe the extortionist brilliantly played by Loretta Devine, left the season in handcuffs. But, she wasn’t killed off, so could return?  Kara Lynch (Lisa Vidal), executive producer of the Talkback (Mary Jane’s show) and Mary Jane’s closest friend… almost lost her job accusing her boss Greg (Michael H. Cole) of having an affair with an assistant Marisol, who decided to manipulate the situation by asking for a spot on Kara’s new show…

This season sees Mary Jane in a new city (New York) with a new job still on a quest to find her soulmate, and back to Chiké, he’s been cast as Mary’s first love interest, Lee a British comedian, who we see sweep the news anchor off her feet on the first episode of the show.

Good news for us in the UK who do not watch them illegal links… ahem…  do not have to wait too long to watch Ms Paul’s hectic career and love life unfold.

Being Mary Jane series 4 airs in the UK on BET Channel Sunday 15th January 10pm

UK BET Channels – Freesat – 140Sky – 187 | Astra – 2F 12603 H 22000 5/6 | StarSat – 167 | Virgin Media – 184

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