Call For Dyslexic Filmmakers! Various Deadlines! 1st Deadline April 28th 2017

The DYSPLA International Moving Image Festival is the world’s first festival dedicated to screening the visual innovation of dyslexic and neurodiverse story makers, showcasing a collection of moving images dedicated to exploring dyslexic narratives.

DYSPLA was established in 2007 to exhibit and produce the work of dyslexic and neurodiverse story makers.

From our early stages we have produced and exhibited work internationally, establishing ourselves at the forefront of the dyslexic and neurodiverse creative community. 

Dyslexic and Neurodiverse filmmakers have a strong heritage in cinematic history. Stan Brakhage, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Joe Wright, and Steven Spielberg, are a few filmmakers that share dyslexia as their commonality, and as their genius.

DYSPLA will focus on the innovative moving image to define dyslexic and neurodiverse narrative. We aim to explore ideas of dyslexic narrative, how the dyslexic and neurodiverse experience and exhibit the world, and also address ideas of societal reform. Tackling the conventions surrounding neurodiversity and magnifying the benefits within the creative sector.
DYSPLA hopes to mix the elements of a film festival with an art gallery approach by not only presenting innovation in dyslexic filmmaking, but by challenging how the audience experiences the moving image.
Awards & Prizes
All moving image submissions will be eligible for award consideration. The awards will be separated into 5 categories…
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Innovator
  • Best Story
  • Best Experimental Film
  • Dyslexic Creative Champion
These awards will be judged by DYSPLA’s esteemed panel made up of elite members of the creative industry and presented at the Gala event in London, UK, November 2017.
Rules & Terms
  • All Films must be submitted by 1st September 2017.
  • All Films submitted must have a dyslexic or neuro diverse Director or Writer involved in production.
  • DYSPLA considers both new, and old films for competitive sections. There is no completion date restriction.
  • Any genre and any length of film will be considered – anything under 45 minutes is classified as a short, anything over 45 minutes is classified as a feature.

There are numerous deadlines for submissions to the The DYSPLA International Moving Image Festival find out more here.


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