Ep 112 Is Boris Johnson a Dictator? – Your Aunties Could Never


Your Aunties Could Never – special guest – Vanessa Sanyauke

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Boris Gets Booed in Public Johnson and the Torry Tosspots – In the wake of the partygate allegations, enough Conservative MPs have submitted letters of no confidence in the PM. The outcome was…as predicted no change. By a vote of 57% to 43%.

Lori Harvey & Micheal B Jordan have reportedly split up the streets are saying she really is a player. Is she playing a dangerous game in her 20s and exploring options when she should just settle down? B question people are also saying she left him for another man and Michael B Jordan cheated with a man. In 2022 would there really be a backlash if Michael came out?

Man dies after being tazered and falls into Thames – Are the police to blame?

Jubilee round up – as a foreigner home away from home – what do you actually like about the UK / Being British … and did the Jubilee events have any impact on your life whatsoever?

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