TBB Talks to … Adjani Salmon & Sebastian Thiel About Dreaming Whilst Black


Award-winning writer, actor, and director Adjani Salmon and writer, director, and producer, Sebastian Thiel have teamed up on a new project Dreaming Whilst Black.

Loosely inspired by real-life events, Dreaming Whilst Black follows aspiring filmmaker Kwabena (Adjani Salmon) in and out of reality as he tries to make it in Babylon. With the echoes of his family‚Äôs disappointment and complicated personal life to navigate, can Kwabena scale all of the hurdles laid out in front of him to get his script commissioned? 

Co-created, co-written by, and starring Adjani, and directed by Sebastian Dreaming Whilst Black has been adapted from the hugely popular web series Adjani created with Ali Hughes and has had the pilot episode picked up by BBC

We caught up with the two creatives to discuss the journey from web series to BBC

Dreaming Whilst Black is available to watch on BBC iPlayer