TBB Talks To… Natalie Ibu Artistic Director of tiata fahodzi


British African theatre company tiata fahodzi aims to challenge, reflect and explore the experience of the changing African diaspora in contemporary Britain through the medium theatre.

Taking over as the company’s third Artistic Director and CEO in 2014, Ibu brought to the company a particular focus on those who straddle worlds, cultures, languages, classes, heritages, races and struggles. Under Ibu’s leadership, the company has performed productions such as Ibu’s own play ‘i know all the secrets in my world’, Nathan Bryon’s ‘mixed brain’ and Arinze Kene’s ‘good dog’.

This August, tiata fahodzi released the film adaptation of ‘good dog’. Directed by Andrew Gillman and Natalie Ibu, the film chronicles growing up in a multicultural community in the early noughties, and the everyday injustices that drive people to take back control.

We caught up with Natalie to chat about ‘good dog’, the impact of lockdown on the theatre industry and how theatres can take a more effective anti-racist stance.

Find out more about ‘good dog’ here: www.tiatafahodzi.com/featured/good-dog-the-film/