TBB Talks to … Nicky Bedu Co-Founder of Fully Focused Productions


With over 15years film & TV experience under his belt, Nicky Bedu is the co-founder of Fully Focused Productions, the production company renowned for having its finger on the pulse of the UK’s up and coming filmmaking talent.

With their offshoot YouTube platform Million Youth Media (MYM Media) racking up millions of views on their content which showcases work from underrepresented young filmmakers, Nicky and his co-founding partner Teddy Nygh and their team are gearing up for big things this year.

Fully Focused Productions is one of three organisations that will benefit from Netflix’s 350k investment into organisations that work with underrepresented groups.

We spoke to Nicky to find out MYM’s plans to double the amount of youth they work with and how being sent to live in South Africa sparked his career in production …