TBB Talks to … Reinaldo Marcus Green, director of Monsters and Men


TBB Talks to Reinaldo Marcus Green about his latest film ‘Monsters and Men’. He also spills the beans about his work on the Netflix / Lebron James’ Spring Hill co-pro, Top Boy 3.

The series which is also executive produced by Drake follows on the Channel 4 series starring Ashley Walters, Kano, and a host of British black talent. 

Marcus Reinaldo Green hails from Staten Island and has just completed filming series 3 of British crime series Top Boy. 

His recent directorial feature debut ‘Monsters and Men’ is a 3-chapter powerful tale about an eye-witness who captures the murder of his friend by the police on his phone. An African-American police officer battling with his conscience to stand up against his fellow officers, and a local high school student who transforms from passive bystander to vehement activist. 

Starring John David Washington, Anthony Ramos, and newcomer Kelvin Harrison Jr. Monsters and Men challenges the audience to consider three ultimately human perspectives of a common issue we face today. 

Top Boy 3 will be on Netflix later this year. 

Monsters and Men is in UK cinemas from Friday 18th January 2019

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AnpybNQ-hU&t=65s