TBB Talks … to star of I May Destroy You, Weruche Opia


Steady building her career relatively quietly, Weruche Opia is about to blow us away in Michaela Coel’s new drama series ‘I May Destroy You’.

Opia has worked in the UK & Nigeria across screen and stage. Her work includes The Inheritors at The National, Nigeria and Diana Nneka Atuona’s Liberian Girl at The Royal Court. Along with roles in TV series’ Top Boy, Bad Education, Sliced (alongside lead Samson Kayo, and in Sebastian Thiel’s web series turned TV series Just A Couple.

Playing the role of ‘Terry’ best friend to Michaela Coel’s ‘Arabella’, Opia is part of a groundbreaking production created by, written, starring and co-directed by Michaela Coel.

Lead by Arabella, I May Destroy You is ‘a fearless, frank and provocative new drama about sexual consent and modern relationships‘ – BBC.

With challenging themes which will evoke provocative discussion TBB Talks spoke to Opia about her character, how she prepared for the role and what it was like working with a predominantly Black cast and diverse crew on a British production.

I May Destroy You is an 8-part series co-production between HBO and the BBC.

The series airs Monday 8th June on BBC One at 10:45pm. Episode 2 will air on BBC One, Tuesday 9th June at 10.45pm. Episodes will then air on Mondays and Tuesdays for the remainder of the series, and will be available on BBC iPlayer.