TBB Talks to … Tom Moutchi


Tom Moutchi’s most recent milestone is being announced as ‘Anthony’ a teacher at a PRU in BBC THREE’s new comedy-drama PRU (Pupil Referral Unit).

At this stage of his career, Tom is all too familiar with the attention brought on by fame. From his teenage years in Peckham as an internet sensation to the set of big-budget blockbusters (The Hustle), Tom has appeared on our laptops, phones, and TV screens for the last 10 years as one of his many characters (Drilly T, Tommy Xpensive, etc) and sketches (Famalam). Not forgetting his work on the stage in the critically acclaimed Barbershop Chronicles

On this episode of TBB Talks, Tom came as himself; the raw, honest, and vulnerable creative that we often only get a chance to see when the cameras stop rolling

In the enlightening conversation, Tom spoke in-depth about the future of comedy, his role as a mentor to young talent, and the strength he draws from his faith.

PRU airs on BBC Three | BBC iPlayer Tuesday 2nd March 2021

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