Your Aunties Could Never – Ep 103 With Special Guest Nina Malone: founder of Dope Black Mums


Today the aunties are joined by the lovely Nina Malone @missninamalone founder of Dope Black Mums @dopeblackmums. Topics:

-The slap that divided the internet. Was Will Smith right for defending his wife Jada Pinkett Smith by slapping Chris Rock after Chris made a distasteful joke about her medical condition (alopecia) at the Oscars?

-Miraculously, London police won’t investigate the sexual assault allegations that were made against Noel Clarke last year in 2020.

-Madeline McCann case being dropped after 11years.

-The Shropshire maternity scandal and why maternity support is so poor that over 300 babies died in one hospital and nothing was done about it.

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