Caroline Chikezie To Film New Recurring Role in U.S. Series

Caroline Chikezie will star as a new recurring role in U.S. series The Shannara Chronicles.

The sci-fi fantasy series, which started January 2016, is based on the best-selling fantasy book series by Terry Brooks of the same name, and follows heroes in the Four Lands as they embark on a quest to stop an evil Demon army from destroying the universe. Thousands of years after the fall of humankind, the world’s fate rests on the shoulders of an unlikely trio: Elvin Princess Amberle, who dreams of a life outside of the palace walls; beautiful, wild and wily Human Rover Eretria, and half-elf Wil, who knows nothing of the great destiny that runs through his veins.

Caroline’s previous television work includes the role of Jessica Tanner in Fox series 24. She also starred in U.S. series Supernatural for Warner Bros, Episodes (BBC) and Torchwood also for the BBC.

Her feature film credits include The Sweeney (Vertigo Films), Everly (Dimension films) also starring Salma Hayek and Aeon Flux (Paramount) opposite Charlize Theron.

Caroline is represented by IAG.

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The first season of Shannara Chronicles can be watched on Netflix UK


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