CASTING CALL – mature African-Caribbean Woman ASAP CASTING TUESDAY 8TH – Please share

castThis is an important two-part drama for the NHS. The 1st film is aimed to raise awareness of Dementia, specifically within the BME community where there are greater barriers to seeking help due to socio-cultural issues. Therefore the problem is bigger and the onset is typically earlier and the decline quicker. This film revolves around a central larger than life character, an African-Caribbean woman in her 60’s and her family.

The 2nd film is a docu-drama set in a care home and picks up on the same family some years later where the problem has progressed and is now late stage dementia. This is aimed at Health & Care providers across the UK to improve the quality of specific care given to BME groups and understanding of some of the barriers that prevent the delivery of effective care.

As we believe so strongly in this project we are treating this at a Charity rate in order to make it possible to deliver it to its full potential and therefore everybody working on it will be at a reduced rate. It also means that we can’t accommodate any additional fees such as overtime, usage or use of own wardrobe other than stated below. We would anticipate the film being distributed both online (NHS sites and YouTube) and potentially via DVD.

Character PATIENCE (Female) Central character Character: Lively, eccentric mid-60’s year old woman of Caribbean origins (specifically Jamaican) suffering from Dementia.   Desired attributes: Large frame, authentic Caribbean accent.

Background: Esther is 68. Originally from Jamaica, she came to Britain as an 18 year-old, excited about the possibilities of a new life. Overcoming the initial difficulties of integration, Esther carved out a successful life working in the public sector. With her late husband, William, she had 3 children –Elliot, Keith, and Val –and now has 5 grandchildren.   Esther started showing early indications of dementia around 2 or 3 years ago. Initially, she was having problems with numbers and demonstrating general forgetfulness and confusion before progressing to intermediate symptoms –gaining weight, trouble finding the right word, problems with technology etc. Recently, she has taken to telling the same story over and over again and becoming more isolated when in company. Esther is now living with her oldest son (Elliot) and his family, and Elliot has yet to fully recognise the fact that Esther has dementia, seeing her behaviour it as a normal part of ageing and even sometimes treating the subject lightly, making jokes about her forgetfulness.

Playing age: 55 – Over 65

Height: 4’11” – 5’11”

Pay category: Non-Equity Agreements

FEES – £350 Buyout 12 hour studio fee Plus 200% usage fees to cover all media, UK territory in perpetuity.

Appearance: MUST BE African-Caribbean




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