#CASTINGCALL Pixel Revolution Films Casting for Wilma Rudolph Project…


Pixel Revolution Films have been commissioned to produce a series of short films by Positive Edge Education, a company taking a ground breaking approach to education.

Each of the films will focus on pivotal moments in the lives of inspirational people who defied expectations or overcame incredible odds to achieve remarkable success.

One of the films is ‘Unlimited’ which tells the incredible story of Wilma Rudolph who after contracting Polio as a child, defied the doctors that told her she would never walk again, without the aid of a leg-brace, to become “the fastest woman in the world” and the first American athlete to win three Gold medals in one Olympic Games.

  • There are 3 parts Pixel Films are looking to cast:Wilma Rudolph female aged 17 –25 but they are open to casting someone a little older as talent and on-screen charisma are what is most important to. Must be able to do an American accent. Ideally Southern American.
  • Blanche Rudolph female aged 35 –55 Wilma Rudolph’s mother was a vital part of Wilma’s incredible success story, she is a strong, determined woman.
  • Coach Temple male aged 35-55 High-school coach. A father figure and drill sergeant rolled into one. Looking for a charismatic actor.

If all interested actors could send CV’S, links, photos, etc. to: dominic@pixelrevolutionfilms.com

For more information about the project go to: https://pixelrevolutionfilms.wordpress.com


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