Cecile Emeke’s, Ackee & Saltfish Comes to BBC Three November 30th

Ackee & Saltfish is a short film, turned series, directed and written by Cecile Emeke, starring Michelle Tiwo as Olivia, and Vanessa Babirye as Rachel.

Picked up by BBC Three the brand new episode sees┬áRachel horrified when she finds that Olivia has brought home a new addition to the household; Gertrude the cat. Especially when it turns out Olivia’s not been completely honest about where she found her.

About the cast and team:

Michelle Tiwo is an actress, known for Film 4’s short, The Ting (2013), Got Milk (2012) and Ackee & Saltfish (2014).

Vanessa Babirye is an actress, known for BBC 2’s Our Girl (2013), Strawberry Fields (2012) and Ackee & Saltfish (2014). She has appeared as Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet (2014) at The National Theatre, and she has been cast as Leah in Beautiful Thing (2015).

Cecile Emeke is a Director & Writer, known for the online global documentary series Strolling and Ackee & Saltfish (2014). She has previously worked with Oval House Theatre as a writer, and she is a member of The National Theatre’s Young Studio.

Abraham Popoola is a director, writer and actor, known for Kebab (2014) and Ackee & Saltfish (2014). He is currently training in acting at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

Ackee & Saltfish will be available via BBC Three 30 November 2016.

Check out the first Ackee & Saltfish series and more of Cecile Emeke’s work via her YouTube page.


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