Chante Adjei Talks … Film ‘How We Live’

Chante Adjei is an actress, director, writer, and producer.

Her debut film project ‘How We Live‘ was born out of a desire to create content that resonated with her. Let’s get to know Chante Adjei …

Please introduce yourself …

My name is Chante Adjei, I am 24 and from Nigeria and Ghana. I am an actress, director, writer and producer and live in Essex.

What started you on this particular career path?

I’ve had this idea from 2020. My mum was my no. 1 motivator to start my production company and told me to “stop waiting for the opportunities you can make for yourself. Create what you want to see“, and from then I started putting to paper the ideas I had for How We Live.

I’ve been acting since I was 5, been to drama schools and theatre schools and I have always had the ability to write, I just didn’t know where to start. It’s hard in the acting industry to get yourself out there and into the right rooms and so I created my own room.

Tell us about How We Live

How We Live is the story of 3 black girls and their journey through university who go through trials and tribulations. It came about because I felt there was no representation of this in London. What about the stories of first born daughters in African households? Who do they turn to? How do they navigate through life? What about girls who have creative passions but are told to stay in university and do law or medicine? And it’s not just about the girls, what about the boys that go to uni and meet the wrong people? or the boy that’s suffering from depression and anxiety. Those are the kind of stories I want to tell, the real side of growing up as a Black Brit. How We Live, is almost like a mirror. You look into it and you see yourself.

What are you watching?

I started the new season of The Witcher and I can’t seem to get into it so I’ve fallen back on my trash TV and currently watching VanderPump Rules. Yes it’s trash, but it’s good trash.

What are you reading?

Currently, I’m reading You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi and I’m really enjoying it. African literature is my favourite.

What are you listening to?

Currently listening to Asake’s and Jhus’s new album. Great pieces of work.

Last thing you saw on stage?

The last person I saw on stage was Wizkid but I’m planning to go watch The Effect in theatres with my best friend soon. I really love Paapa Essiedu as an actor.

Whose footsteps are you following in?

If I’m being honest, God’s path is where I’m allowing my footsteps to go in right now. I don’t know where my journey is going to take me but all I know is my story is being directed by God and I’m good with that.

What’s next for How We Live, and for you?

Well I am definitely turning How We Live into a web series. The people want a part 2 so we shall see. We have some BTS and interviews we’ll be putting out and I’m really excited about that. In terms of me, I’m just going to keep putting myself out there and seeing what opportunities come along. My plan is to work with the greats and I see that happening so I’m excited for the future. I also just came out with a journal called My Purposeful Journal to help people go on a transformative journey in self-discovery and purpose which is available on our website;

Where can we find you?

Instagram is @chanteadjei | Production Instagram is @Purposeproductions__ | YouTube: Purpose Productions

Where can we watch How We Live?

People can watch How We Live via Purpose Productions on YouTube.


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