Clearing the Blocks to Your Dream Career and Money Goals in 2022

Starting Monday 7th February, a free 5-part video series for Artists and Creatives.

Rayna Campbell has over 20 years of experience working with artists, creatives and performers all over the world helping them to reach their full potential as artists with her life-transforming programmes

Her clients include A list celebrities, BAFTA nominees, influencers and models, BFI funded filmmakers and producers [and the list goes on], using a variety of energetic tools to reach their goals.

With her latest workshops, you will discover…

  • How to be magnetic and increase your visibility.
  • How having boundaries helps you manifest.
  • Why your success is not consistent.
  • How to stop negative thoughts and fear holding you back.
  • How to trust, allow and receive.
  • How to energetically activate your goals.
  • Why your career and business is stuck and small.
  • The five energetic elements you need in order to manifest effectively.
  • The hidden blocks holding you back you didn’t know you had.

Join Raya from Monday 7th February. Click this link to find out more and Register. Here


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