COMPOSERS Apply for Sound and Music & Sounding Motion Scheme. Deadline Noon Monday 9 November 2015

portfolio_sounding_motionPortfolio is a Sound and Music artist development programme. Aimed at talented composers at an early stage in their career, Sound and Music’s Portfolio scheme provides a key development opportunity for composers to create new work with and for some of the UK’s leading ensembles and presenters of new music. Portfolio enables composers to develop their portfolio of work and gain vital artistic and practical insight and experience in working with professional ensembles and presenting organisations, and delivering new work to public audiences.

Selected composers are invited to develop small-scale, short new works. These works will be developed through a series of workshops during which the composer will work in close collaboration with the performers supported by an experienced composer mentor. The process culminates in a public performance of the new work within the performer’s performance schedule.

As part of the Portfolio programme, Sound and Music and Sounding Motion offer an opportunity for up to three composers to develop new small-scale works for dance. An experimental and highly integrated development process lies at the heart of Sounding Motion’s work. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their collaborative skills and creative practice in workshops as they work in close partnership with instrumentalists, choreographer and dancers to develop a new short dance work for presentation by the company in late 2016. The work can be a study for a longer dance work or it might be a shorter stand-alone work. This residency provides a rich professional development opportunity for composers with a keen interest in dance – though not necessarily any personal experience of composing for it.


  • The opportunity is to develop and deliver a new work of up to 15’ duration in collaboration with Sounding Motion: a choreographer, up to 3 contemporary dancers and duo Stephen Upshaw, viola and Calie Hough, percussion
  • The opportunity will be scheduled around up to four workshops between winter and summer 2016. During these you will be able to test ideas and develop the work collaboratively. The first workshop will be an opportunity to meet & discuss sketches with your paired choreographer, the dancers and the musicians. The second workshop will be a meeting with the musicians only and the third and possible fourth workshop will offer an opportunity to develop more complete pieces, with scope for minor changes before final rehearsals and performance in autumn 2016. All works will be presented together in the same programme.
  • Composer and choreographer pairs will be offered the opportunity for feedback from invited audience members.
  • You will be supported by an experienced artist mentor.
  • The proposal must be for a new work (not something already written or in development).
  • Agreed travel and accommodation costs for the workshops and performance will be covered, as well as the costs of producing materials


  • You must be resident in the UK at the time of application and for the duration of the scheme
  • You must not be in full time undergraduate education
  • This must represent a significant development opportunity for you
  • You may apply for more than one Sound and Music professional development scheme
    residency (Embedded and Portfolio) simultaneously, but you may take up only one residency
    at any one time.
  • No single composer can take up more than two consecutive residencies. However you may take up two different schemes consecutively, providing each residency presents a significant development opportunity for you.
  • Composers engaged in current Sound and Music projects other than Embedded & Portfolio residencies may apply for and take up a Portfolio or Embedded residency alongside their other project.
  • Sound and Music actively seeks to encourage a diversity of applicants to its programmes.

To Apply / Find out full rules and regulations go to:


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