Following on from the success of last year’s specials, ITV2 Fresh unveils four brand new 30-minute singles, which showcase the breadth of talent and will air in the run up to the MOBO Awards on ITV2.

Dropperz is a brand new mockumentary centred around a struggling grime group whose last shot at success doesn’t go according to plan! Using their archetypical record label boss’s house as the backdrop for their much-needed video, the band soon find themselves in hot water when their dog kills the much-loved family pet rabbit.

Dropperz have a problem. They still have to record their music video but must also find a replacement rabbit or face being dropped from their label!

Dropperz airs ITV2 Wednesday 2nd November 2016
Production Company: Purple Gecko
Director(s): Victor Adebodun | Ed Wiles
Cast: Adam Deacon, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Guz Khan, Letitia Hector & Alexis Caley


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