Game of Thrones New Season 7 Trailer Released!

For all you die-hard fans out there Game of Thrones is back this summer with a vengeance (literally). We will see the “Mother of Dragons” Daenerys Stormborn (Emilia Clarke) arrive at Dragonstone to take her place as the rightful heir, “Born to rule the Seven Kingdoms”, with her army of Dothraki and Unsullied warriors. Which means we’ll be getting more of our British Blacktors Nathalie Emmanuel as Daenerys’ right hand woman Missandei and Jacob Anderson / Raleigh Ritchie as Unsullied soldier and Missandei’s man??? Greyworm.

Meanwhile, not-supposed-to-be-Queen Cersei (Lena Headey) begins her power moves to retain the Iron throne as she prepares for war at Kings Landing with “Enemies to the east, Enemies to the west, Enemies to the south, Enemies to the north” all raining down on her she maintains that “Whatever stands in our way-we will defeat it”.

That’s along with the even greater war on the horizon in the shape of the approaching White Walkers. Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) who takes his place as the ‘true king of the north’ faces a horror that the battling Queens can only dream of, will they all squash their petty beefs to join forces against the White Walkers… we… shall… see!!!

Watch the trailer for season 7 of the hit TV show Game of Thrones which premieres exclusively Sky Atlantic.

Game of Thrones airs 17th July on HBO in the US and will simultaneously air in the UK on Sky Atlantic at 2am on the 18th July to be aired again at 9pm that evening.


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