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Gangsters, Gamblers & Geezers – 20% Out Of 100

Score 20%

Gangsters, Gamblers and Geezers is the sorry tale of two young mishaps who are desperate to make a success of their lives.

The film stars the writers and directors of the movie Amar Adatia (who plays Krish) and Peter Peralta (who plays Lee). UK TV and music fans will recognise familiar faces such as Richard Blackwood, A Dot the comedian, Jodie Marsh, Nicola Duffet, Riche Campbell, Big Narstie, Tiny and Kele Le Roc.

The incompetent pair lose their jobs at a call centre; much to the dismay their stereotypical blonde bimbo co-workers who luckily avoid their desperate come-ons. Krish and Lee find themselves at risk of homelessness from their unrelenting landlord, (played by Richard Blackwood) after being given 48 hours to pay their rent. The pair engage in a host of half-baked ideas to come up with the cash.

The prideful no hopers manage to con their parents with cringe worthy belief of becoming entrepreneurs. They set up (and fail) a delivery service for fried chicken. In the process, the duo manage to become entangled with east end gangsters, Scotland Yard and Gypsies.

Gangsters, Gamblers and Geezers is available via YouTube and Google Play for £3.49

Out of 100


Overall This movie tries its best to be a fun, rib-tickling modern London comedy caper. There are some laughs; however unfortunately it fails to hit the bar of a real comedy as ultimately it ends up as a reel of bog standard stereotypical scenes over the course 120 minutes.



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