Getting to know … Tian Glasgow

Founder of New Slang Productions, events producer/curator, mentor to youth, creator of the new play ‘Tomorrow is Not Promised’… Let’s get to know Tian Glasgow …

Please introduce yourself …

I’m Tian Glasgow a 40 year old queer cis Black man who grew up in Tottenham, London and have been based in Manchester since 2019. I founded the theatre company New Slang Productions in 2011.
I am primarily a Theatre Director but wear many hats; in my 12 years in the industry I also have worked as a Senior Producer of theatre, arts and music events. Between 2013 -2019 working on Fertility Fest, Barbican Creative Learning and Culture Mile projects, Walthamstow Garden Party, The Sick of the Fringe: Care and Destruction Festival, Love Supreme Music Festival and London Jazz Festival. Also, since 2020, I have taught MA Acting at ALRA and LIPA. Most recently, I was awarded the STUN x Lowry Associate Artist grant to create my new piece Tomorrow is Not Promised in 2021 which has finally found its way to the Edinburgh Fringe! For 4 years, I have also proudly been the Manchester Programme Coordinator for Arts Emergency – a youth mentoring charity.

What started you on this particular career path?

The thread running through my work has always been around social concerns such as race and class and how it affects communities. I began working in TV and documentaries but found that I fell in love with the freedom and stylistic techniques of presenting stories on the stage. It also combined with all that I learned from working on community arts events where the art sits alongside the importance of the experience of the people involved. I’m a big advocate of wellbeing practices in the arts including supporting the creation process with wellbeing dramaturgy for all involved.

What are you working on now?

Tomorrow is not Promised is my new theatre piece about a Black British woman who finds herself homeless and alone after an earthquake. She embarks on a courageous journey towards healing, through grief, loss and great change. She awakens to find her house destroyed leaving only her door which she can’t seem to abandon. While deciding whether to rebuild or to start again, she encounters Suzanne who has suffered her own loss. The two decide to try and help others in the hopes of healing themselves.

Mariah Baillie & Gabrielle Monica Hughes – photo credit Ryd Cook.

I created this show as a way of thinking about and presenting stories about grief in a new way. I also wanted to create a show where I can depict how I’ve seen Black women in my life working to support each other. I created it in a magical realist space where an earthquake can be used as a metaphor for change but also an almost Afro-Futurist world where the women can exist without the pressures of racism or mysogynoir.

What are you watching?

I’ve been watching Love to Love You, Donna Summer, Triangle of Sadness and Fleishman is in Trouble.

What are you reading?

My reading has been so low since pandemic but I’m so proud to say I’m currently reading books written by fantastic friends of mine A River Called Time by Courttia Newland and Here Again Now by Okechukwu Nzelu

What are you listening to?

I still consistently have on loop Lianne La Havas’s self-titled album since 2020, slightly newer is Capricorn Sun by TSHA and very unsurprisingly Beyonce’s Renaissance.

Last thing you saw on stage?

The fantastic Untitled F**k Miss Saigon play at Royal Exchange and wonderful Dugsi Days here at the Fringe.

Whose footsteps are you following in?

A very hard question to answer. I’d say I’m super inspired by Tarell Alvin McCraney with his superb plays such as The Brother Size and Choir Boy.

What’s next?

Hoping to send Tomorrow is not Promised around on tour in the future and also will begin work this autumn on a new piece currently with a working title of Code Switch.

Where can we see you?

Currently, Tomorrow is not Promised is running at the Edinburgh Fringe from 3rd – 13th August at 5pm in Underbelly Cowgate.

What’s your socials?

My Twitter: @TianGlasgow. My Insta: @glasgae_sky | New Slang Productions Twitter: @newslangprod. New Slang Productions Insta: @newslangprod


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