I Just Dey Observe + Q&A – BFI African Odysseys Saturday 18th August 2018

I Just Dey Observe is a selection of shorts by Nigeria’s youngest and most dynamic filmmakers.

BFI African Odysseys & SOUL in partnership with the British Council presents an afternoon of Nigerian shorts curated and introduced by Nadia Denton.

Denton, draws upon her extensive experience of Nigerian cinema. The eclectic selection includes many UK premieres, and stories take the form of poetic, animated tales, thought-provoking documentaries, experimental work about family ties and restless ghosts, and dramas about the ups and downs of love and marriage.

A few of the creative teams behind the films have also been invited to take part in a Q&A.


Brood + Q&A
: A guy can’t get a difficult conversation out of his head. 
Dir: Michael Omonua, 5min Nigeria/2017 Narrative UK Premier

Born + Q&A
: A young woman attempts to terminate the life growing within her. 
Dir: Michael Omonua, 8min Nigeria/2016 Narrative UK Premier

Las Gidi Vice + Q&A
: TJ meets a girl at a party unaware that he is about to have a night he will never forget. 
Dir: Udoka Oyeka, 17min Nigeria/2017 Narrative UK Premier

Dear Father + Q&A
: A young woman addresses her absent father. 
Dir: Wana Udobang 3min Nigeria/2017 Alternative/Experimental

: A matriarch recounts the tragic loss of her daughter.
 Dir: Wana Udobang 8min Nigeria/2017 Documentary

A Little Mischief:  
Obinze’s ghost revisits the place where his life was cut short.
 Dir: Art Anekwe 7min Nigeria/2017 Alternative/Experimental UK Premier

Got Flowers Today
 – ‘Even though he beat me, I got flowers today’: A touching animation based on the poem by Paulette Kelly.
 Dir: Jibril Mailafia 4min Nigeria/ 2017 Animation UK Premier

Grouf Poto: 
It seems that everyone wants to benefit from the cost of the school photo.
 Dir: Jibril Mailafia 10min Nigeria/2017 Animation UK Premier

Freak The Fxxk Out: 
Creepy figures in human shapes do strange things.
 Dir: Kanso Ogbolu, 8min Nigeria/2017 Animation

A group of young people accidentally knock down a mysterious figure on the motorway.  Can they escape the hex that now hangs over their destiny?
 Dir: Clarence Peters 29min Nigeria/2015 Psychological Thriller/Horror UK Premier – 
Film contains nudity and scenes of an adult nature.

Screening will be followed by a Q&A with Michael Omonua, Baba Agba,Wana Udobang and Udoka Oyeka.

2pm, Saturday 18 August 2018
BFI Southbank 
Screening will be followed by a Q&A and informal networking from 5pm
- find out more and book here.


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