In Cinemas Now – The Bye Bye Man Starring Lucien Laviscount

The Bye Bye Man is a horror film directed by Stacy Title (Let The Devil Wear Black, 1999; Hood of Horror, 2006) based on the book, The Bridge to Body Island by Robert Damon Shneck.

Written by Jonathan Penner (Rude Awakening) and from the producers behind Oculus and The Strangers, the film follows three college students including John played by Lucien Laviscount (Snatch, Scream Queens) who, after moving into an old house, stumble across the origins of The Bye Bye Man; the figure behind every heinous and evil act made by man. They soon discover that in order to survive, they have to master the only way to avoid his curse: don’t think it, don’t say it. But once the Bye Bye Man gets inside your head, he takes control.

Laviscount, hails from Lancashire, England and has enjoyed a successful career starring in popular British shows Coronation Street and Waterloo Road and in the US, Scream Queens, Supernatural and the Snatch series.

The Bye Bye Man

Director: Stacy Title
Jonathan Penner |  Robert Damon Schneck
Cast: Lucien Laviscount, Douglas Smith, Cressida Bonas
UK release date: Friday 13th January 2017


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