j ayoola’s new book ‘How We Love Our Hair’ is a hair bible for young girls

How We Love Our Hair is a new book teaching young girls of African descent key principles in looking after their hair.

Written by Natural Hair Enthusiast, J Ayoola, How We Love Our Hair teaches the foundations of healthy haircare to little black and mixed girls with afro-textured hair. It does this through a collection of short stories taking readers on a hair care adventure with Amelia and her five friends. All six girls impart fun facts about their hair including hair care tips for detangling, preventing dryness, moisturising, and protecting hair at bedtime; there’s also a quiz at the end.

How We Love our Hair is Ayoola’s debut book; however, the clarity and appeal of her writing gives no indication of her experience. When asked about her motivation for writing the children’s book, Ayoola explained: “I have done tonnes of research over the years on natural hair care. I wanted to share what I’ve learned and teach hair care and hair love in a fun and imaginative way.”

The goal of How We Love Our Hair is to make haircare second nature to the next generation, so they do not face some of the challenges many of us had to go through. It celebrates the uniqueness of afro-textured hair whilst simultaneously providing a simple guide on healthy hair maintenance. The book is thoughtfully written and features captivating illustrations that will appeal to readers of all ages. This book is also ideal for parents who have not yet got to grips with healthy hair care practices.

Over 600 copies of the books have been sold in Canada, the US, and UK in the last few months with no funding for advertising. A batch of the books have been sent over to a book store, in Nigeria with a hope to start launching there soon.

The author J Ayoola has held a book reading and Q&A session with both local authorities and schools in London. Southwark Council in London has recently purchased copies of the book and distributed them to foster homes in the borough. The intention is to help Black and mixed race children fostered by other race manage afro textured hair and provide the children with hair confidence.

How We Love our Hair is available in paperback and can be purchased online at Amazon US and UK, Waterstones, Barnes & Nobles, and many more. For further information about the book and the author, visit Instagram and Facebook and the website


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