Jamilah Lemieux & Amber Phillips Discuss Cultural Journalism with The Breakfast Club

After all the noise surrounding  Charlamagne Tha God’s choice of friends – i.e. the backlash against him seeming to friend it up with controversial race stirring anti-black rhetoric spouting Tomi Lahren, the co-host of The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 returned to appropriate form by inviting guests journalist Jamilah Lemieux and activist Amber Phillips who dropped in to to ask all the necessary questions about Charlamagne’s behaviour and general popular culture and its effects on the community on our behalf.

I’m a fan of The Breakfast Club for all the nonsense and the common sense they bring us. They have had some brilliant and empowering black guests on their show for which I cannot fault. I’m also a fan of Charlamagne. I see his point most of the time. But, as to be expected I am fully against both he and Trevor Noah’s, let’s play nicely with racists for them to understand blacks, schtick. Also a fan of The Daily Show, and commend Trevor’s takeover, I however think he and Charlamagne dropped the community ball in meeting with that woman.

Interviewing Tomi Lahren is fine. Sending her cupcakes for her to smug over, not so much. In this discussion with Jamilah and Amber after they explained why this parading of Lahren doesn’t benefit the black community in any way, Charlamagne alluded to some sort of business set up he has with Lahren. He kinda seemed to say there’s something they’ve been working on that he can’t speak about right now…

But, to be honest, even if it’s a ‘Take Tomi Lahren to the hood’ hour-special, if she’s not willing to change her dangerous rhetoric, nothing she does will be of interest. Or of use. Or helpful. I believe conversation with people we don’t see eye to eye with is key, only if they enter the conversation with an open mind. But worrying about someone who has carved her lane in stoking the fires without fact, honesty, personal reflection or pause about the damage her views are actually causing, is fruitless. Post Trevor Noah interview and Charlamagne discussion, Lahren hasn’t changed her rhetoric. Even if deep down she knows what she’s doing is so wrong, it doesn’t serve her position or brand to change her voice. She’s not going to stop.

So, we all need to stop wasting our energies trying to convince those who don’t give a shit about the progression and sanity of black folks to get us. Instead we need to turn inwards and focus on the people of our community who are doing good, and who do want to aide our progression.

I agree with Charlamagne. Black people around the world have the power to change our position on a global scale. Our collective might is the reason ‘they’ve’ worked so hard to keep us oppressed. They see what we are, it’s time we start seeing it and believing it too. Well done Breakfast Club for this discussion.

Well done Jamilah and Amber. You had every single receipt.

The whole discussion is great, but here are where the highlights are:

  • 00.44– Out the gate they get into why Charlamagne wasted his time with Tomi Lahren, then:
  • 19:11 – Empower us
  • 20:22 – How black men speak to and about black women, especially on public platforms.
  • 35:40 – Why are we holding ourselves to the standard of white badness? – The whole white men get away with it, so why do we tear down – Nate Parker, Bill Cosby etc.
  • 38:15 – White women and black men – the bias of ‘better’ treatment white women get from black men, in comparison to how black men treat black women
  • 41:31 – Black parenthood, abortion and black genocide / Nick Cannon and others’ who seemingly blame black women if they choose to have an abortion… how about speaking to men who don’t know how to use condoms?
  • 45:25 – Stop and Frisk and the defensive negativity and backlash that occurs when we don’t agree across social media
  • 48:50 – Accountability

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