Kashif Boothe launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Doc ‘My Father Built The World’

On June 12th the crowdfunding campaign for My Father Built The World

My Father Built The World is a film reimagining the moment the British Black Panthers were conceived in Brixton in 1968 from the perspective of lifelong civil rights activist, David Udo and his daughter Idara Udo.

The film finds Obi Egbuna (creator of the British Black Panthers, as well as a successful playwright) dwelling on the death of Martin Luther King, announced the same month the Panthers were created. When David enters, bewildered, processing the news himself an idea comes to life… Either side of this meeting between two close friends in the late summer of 1968, is punctuated by voice-over and footage of Idara Udo looking at us, narrating the context of her father’s past and future on either side of the film’s events.

Writer/director, Levi Eddie Aluede said: “This is personal. David’s story was unknown to me until Idara gave me one of his books with audio between her and David, as well as taking me to the Black British Archives in Brixton where she proudly pointed out images of him. Through research, I learnt more about Black History than I ever learnt in school, and this was all David’s real life. Black people in the UK don’t get educated like this, and education was David’s number one passion. He himself wasn’t educated about slavery growing up in colonial Nigeria. As a young half-Nigerian person, who attended boarding school, there are many parallels between myself and David. I understand his plight on a deeply human level, life in the UK, Idara’sin an LGBT sense and has the experience of Nigeria ingrained in his bones.”

David Udo is a founding and core member of the British Black Panthers in the 1960s, Director of the Martin Luther King Foundation in the 70s, and Director of Southwark Race Relations in the 80s, at the centre of major race events including the murder of Stephen Lawrence in the 90s, the trial of Olive Morris, New Cross Fires and the Mangrove Nine are just a glimpse into his life. Once a preacher, still a prolific writer and always a Civil Rights Activist. David grew up in colonial Nigeria and moved to the UK in the ’60s. When Stokely Carmichael hit the stage in 1967, he met Obi Egbuna and their relationship was marked by their joint creation of the UCPA and British Black Panthers, the two first-ever British black power groups, everything changed and the world was opened up. Since, he has educated, preached, helped and fought for the Black British community.

Obi Benue Egbuna (18 July 1938 – 18 January 2014) was a Nigerian-born novelist, playwright and political activist known for leading the Universal Coloured People’s Association (UCPA) and being a member of the British Black Panther Movement (1968–72) during the years when he lived in England, between 1961 and 1973. •In London, Egbuna was a member of a group called the Committee of African Organisation that had roots in the West African Students’ Union, and which organised Malcolm X’s 1965 visit to Britain. Egbuna participated in events organized by the Caribbean Artists Movement, and in 1966 his play Wind Versus Polygamy was performed at the World Festival of Negro Arts in Dakar, Senegal, where the Pan African Players and the Negro Theatre Workshop (founded in London by Pearl Connor) represented the United Kingdom. He became a pioneer of the Black Power movement in Britain, forming the Universal Coloured People’s Association (UCPA) – “the first avowed Black Power group in Britain in August 1967, following Stokely Carmichael’s visit” – and speaking at a major anti-Vietnam war rally in October that year. Egbuna also participated in the Antiuniversity of London.

Cast & Creatives

Jamal Renaldo as David Udo

Jamal trained as an actor at RADA graduating in 2011. He recently appeared as Jacob in the online TV pilot Newlyweds (Kashif Boothe Entertainment, Directed by Marlea Edwards), He also played Jay in the Mockumentary series Talia Versus (YOCF, Directed by Saraphina Mattis). Jamal’s stage credits include starring as Captain Dudley in the immersive hit Dr Who: Time Fracture, 2019’s Billy Bud and Jamal is currently in rehearsals for ‘Roll Your Sleeves With Eve’ which will play at the Chelsea Theatre.

Bankole Thomas as Obi Egbuna

Yemi Bankole-Thomas is a trained actor and writer who recently starred in Michael Mante’s Small Hours. His writing debut Crossroads was at the Cockpit Theatre in 2022.

Written & Directed By Levi Eddie Aluede

Levi is an award-winning writer/director and is known for the critically acclaimed sci-fi web series Visions Of A Vivid Life, as well as their romantic LGBTQ+ shorts The Smell Of Cut Grass, An Eighth Of Him.

Alongside filmmaking, they have successful careers as a film writer, photographer and curator, with print and online work in essays, articles, interviews and short stories.

Producer By Kashif Boothe

Kashif has been working in the Media industry for nine years in TV, Film, Media operations and Advertising. At ITV, Discovery Channel, Channel 4, VCCP and Jamie Oliver Ltd.

Kashif is an Independent filmmaker who produces short films and web series under his production company Kashif Boothe Entertainment, he is best known for his award-winning web series Nate & Jamie which won Favourite Web Ensemble at the Screen Nation Awards in 2018, the multi-award-winning series Talia Versus which he exec produces, and the short film Black Man Stand which won Best Documentary at the London Short Series Festival 2019. In 2023 he produced the award-winning M&Ms Fun’d #FilmsYouWanttosee short film Sunday Dinner available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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