MASSIVE #TBBshoutout to Issa Rae… From Awkward Black Girl to New HBO Show ‘Insecure’…

Issa Rae is the unofficially crowned Queen of Black Internet, after her cult-classic-amazing web series ‘Awkward Black Girl’ took American, UK and global black audiences specifically, by storm.

Starved for non-stereotypical black characters, starved for non-stereotypical black female characters, starved for a short-haired, dark-skinned leading lady, starved for a leading lady who didn’t always make the right decisions and was just as confused about life as we were, Awkward Black Girl became the awkward black girl’s church of salvation.

Awkward Black Girl, and Rae’s independent determination inspired a world of web series’ and platforms including the very popular Black & Sexy TV based in the US, and our very own Brothers With No Game series turned BWNG TV Internet platform.

Based loosely on Rae’s real life experiences we fell in love with lead character J our hip-hop loving nerdy black girl and sent the web series viral. After much success, and then the ending of the series, there was simultaneous round of applause when it was revealed that HBO had taken Issa under their wing.

Fast forward a few years and now we have what we’ve been waiting for, ‘Insecure’. Created and executive produced by Rae, the 8 episodes will look at the friendship, experiences and tribulations of two black women. Rae’s character works in an outreach program for mostly black children who don’t get her. Couple that with a predominantly white co-worker environment and a boyfriend she intends to dump… soon… it’s been said that audiences can expect a lot more introspective and on point comedy from this highly anticipated series.

The series is executive produced by Prentice Penny, Melina Matsoukas, Michael Rotenberg, Dave Beck, Jonathan Berry, and Larry Wilmore as a consultant…

Insecure comes to HBO this Autumn. No news as yet to its UK release date.  Fingers crossed though. WE NEED THIS!



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