MindCleanse Productions Casting For New Web Series. Deadline 23rd October 2016.

Scheduled to start production in late October with experienced and new actors, the web series centres around four housemates from diverse backgrounds living in Peckham, South East London and will explore current and complex issues. This is the first web series to be made under new production company MindCleanse Productions.

The web series will be shown on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, and as a result MindCleanse Productions is looking for actors who have an active presence on social media, and lots of followers on social channels such as Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook. Perhaps you might have experience of working on independent films of theatre, or you might even be a vlogger who’s wants to cross over into acting, whatever your background is if you feel you can capture the heart and soul of the character, then this is an opportunity for you.


In a 6-part series viewers will be taken on an emotionally riveting journey, intimately delving into the lives of four housemates, Omar, Kemi, Tom, and Sebastian, exploring current and contemporary issues such as race, identity, class, sexuality and gentrification. Reflecting much of the discussions people are having on social media, this web series is culturally, socially and politically relevant. Through each individual character this drama seeks to give a voice to groups in society who have been historically ignored, underrepresented and marginalised by mainstream media.


KEMI – is a 25-year-old woman of Nigerian descent from South East London. She is dark-skinned and speaks with a London accent. She is stylish and loves to wear clothes with African print. She usually wears her hair in an afro or crochet twists, she feels passionate about the #blacklivesmatter movement and perfectly embodies the #blackgirlmagic archetype. She is strong, but also has a big heart and wants to find a man, preferably one her parents will approve of – to settle down with.

OMAR – is of Caribbean decent, and comes from South East London. He is 24-years of age and speaks with a South London accent. He has a slim to athletic build. He has a very artsy ‘bohemian’ gender-fluid style and is the epitome of the #carefreeblackboy. He is drawn to transcendence; he is dreamy, highly-romantic, lives in his imagination and is seeking the deeper meaning of life. He loves bringing people together, and playing the matchmaker but struggles forming deep and meaningful romantic relationships in his personal life.


  • London-based auditions will be held in early October at a yet to be confirmed location. You will not be considered for these auditions if you are not based in London.
  • The actors must be aged between 21- 32.
  • Please send at least two headshots. If you have any IMDB links, trailers, and show reels please send with head-shots to james@mindcleanse.co.uk.
  • Please note that the deadline for submissions is the 23rd of October.

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