MSFT Management Need A Black Female Actor To Play Rosa Parks For This SundaySurgery Workshop

MSFT management need to cast a black female actor in her 30-50s to play Rosa Parks for their SundaySurgery Workshop & Networking session.

Script: High Seas – Stage Play
Written by: Sarah Thomas
Directed by: Fi Kelly

On board the High Seas vessel, the ship captain Dawn drives three extraordinary women across the seas of history. As she gets closer to the end of her mission the last of a full ship of resistance women, Lucie Aubrac (French Resistance), Rosa Parks and Ani Pachen (Tibetan Resistance) must find an escape route before all traces of them are lost forever.


Rosa Parks – Black, 30-40s –  Tibetan Resistance. American civil rights activist, 1913-2005.

If you’re interested in the role contact:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are cast there is a £15.00 (plus £1.00 booking fee) cost.

SundaySurgery starts at 14:00, this Sunday, 26th March and runs until 18:00 at the Poor School in Kings Cross:

  • Cost for Actors: £15.00 (plus £1 booking fee)
  • Cost for Writers: £25.00 (plus £1 booking fee)
  • Networking: £5.00 (plus £1 booking fee) – Networking Guests, please arrive promptly for 4:25 PM

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