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New Sky series Django, is loosely inspired by the cult classic Western, Italian Spaghetti (1966).

While searching for his daughter, Django comes upon New Babylon. Here, Django discovers that his daughter is alive and set to marry John Ellis, the founder of New Babylon. Sarah – who blames her father for the death of their family, massacred many years earlier while he was at war – wants Django to leave. But he refuses to give up and does everything in his power to get a second chance with her.

We spoke to actor Nicholas Pinnock who stars as the lead character John Ellis …

Please introduce yourself …

My name is Nicholas Pinnock I have been working across theatre, television and film for over 30 years. I play John Ellis, the lead role in Django, an English-language reimagining of Sergio Corbucci’s classic 1966 Western.

Why Django ?

I was offered the role of John Ellis so read the script and was interested in the world they were looking to create and give creatives a place to play in. After lots of back and forth with notes and discussion to see if this was something I could be a real part of, I said yes.

Tell us about your character and what their goal is in this Django

Django is played by Matthias Schoenaerts. He and I lead the show (technically) but it really was a true collaboration between us all. He’s a wonderful actor and I loved working with him. I’d sign up to work with him again on anything else. Lisa Vicari, (who plays Sarah) and I had a great time working together and talked a lot about Sarah and John’s relationship. We were in complete solidarity with making sure we defined who they were in context of them as a couple. My before-Django-friend Noomi Rapace was also a dream to work with. I won’t discuss our process but it was intense and I thrived because of it. Jyuddah Jaymes who played one of my sons, (Seymour) became a little brother to me and we sparred a lot on screen in those scenes. There was generally a deep sense of trust and safety among us all.

Nicholas Pinnock as John Ellis – Django

What does the story of Django mean to you personally?

The story of Django isn’t personal to me per se but the fact that Blacks, Indians and Mexicans made up 80% of the Wild West and now I can be a part of telling more than the 20% (the European experience of what is commonly the narrative in Westerns) means the world to me. Where were those stories? Well, they’re here. And more are coming.

Tell us a memorable moment on set?

The shootout scene when John and Sarah are leaving the bank. The shootout in Nagadoches. These scenes took me back to being a child when I would watch westerns on a Saturday afternoon and then go play with my friends and pretend to be the hero and be the cowboy.

What’s next for you?

I have a film called The Book Of Clarence written and directed by Jeymes Samuel coming out in September, I’ve just finished filming This Town, one of Steven Knight’s new TV projects, am just about to start filming Here and will then move onto another film in a couple months. Also, my production company Silver Milk Productions will shoot its first feature as a collaboration in the coming months. We will announce something very soon.

How do we keep up to date with you and your work?

I’m on Instagram and Twitter under my name @nicholaspinnock and my production company @silvermilkproductions

Django is available to watch weekly on Sky Atlantic with NOW from 1st March.


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