NORTH WEST UK Based Writers Apply to ITV Original Voices ‘Coronation Street’ Scheme. Deadline 7th October 2014


ITV first launched Original Voices on Emmerdale, to tap into and connect with local BAME writing talent. The aim of the initiative was to find interesting writers from Black, Asian or other Minority Ethnic backgrounds living in Yorkshire or the North East. Which is why their collaboration with Creative Skillset, Original Voices, has been rolled-out to Coronation Street, with submissions open to North West based writers from a Black, Asian or other Minority Ethnic (BAME) background.

Flagship continuing drama, Coronation Street, is on the look out for diverse regional writing talent in the North West with a view to offering the top four selected an opportunity to spend time in the Coronation Street Story Office where they can develop their knowledge of the show and skills at weaving multiple story strands, before writing a trial script to be read by the show’s producers.

Experienced drama professionals in the industry will appraise the Scripts received and the submissions will be shortlisted to a group of 12. The Original Voices team hopes to inform short listed writers during the week beginning 20th October 2014.

These writers will then be invited to a bespoke Coronation Street Story Conference in late October, led by the Story Editor, Kate Brooks. Following this, writers will have a week to write up and submit a storyline.

On the strength of the written storyline, the writer’s skills at the Story Conference and their writing submission, four of them will be selected to go forward.

The four selected will benefit from a unique opportunity on the UK’s most watched soap, spending time in the Story Office, learning how multiple story strands are balanced on the show, while honing their knowledge of how the production works, before writing a trial script, which will be read by the producers.

Submission Guidelines:

  • One sample script of 30-90 minutes (television, film, theatre, radio or similar)
  • Short script synopsis
  • Biography/CV, stating your permanent residence in the North West (Granada region)
  • Eligibility & Equal Opportunities form*
  • All submissions should be received by Tuesday 7th October midnight.

For full information / to apply go to:


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