Offbeat Feature Film – Casting 2 Male Teenagers. Deadline Monday 15th February 2016

offbeatOFFBEAT is an exciting and quirky new British dance feature film about a couple of teenage outcasts who come up with a crazy scheme to gain street cred at their school. It’s a mix between Billy Elliot and Napoleon Dynamite. The film needs two lead roles. 16 years or over to play age 15.

It is being produced by Wigwam Films and the director is the amazing Arno Salters. The film is being supported by Creative England and it will shoot this summer 2016.

DANNY – to play 15 years old but must be 16 years or over by July 1st 2016. Any size, shape or ethnicity!
Danny is a teenager with a strange predicament. Whenever he hears music, he completely loses control of his body and starts moving manically to the beat as if he was possessed. This has turned him into a bit of a social outcast, awkward and endearingly vulnerable. OFFBEAT tells the story of how Danny goes from being a victim of his predicament to controlling it.

The right candidate does not need to have any formal dance training or be great at dancing – someone with an unorthodox approach to moving with music and of course he must be a great actor too!

CASSIUS – to play 15 years old but must be 16 years or over by July 1st 2016. Any size, shape or ethnicity!
Cassius is a teenager with awesome dance moves. No one at school recognises his talent but that doesn’t stop him from oozing with confidence and thinking of himself as the next Justin Timberlake. He agrees to teach Danny to dance as long as he’ll agree to be his backing dancer.
The right candidate needs to be a brilliant actor and dancer – either trained or self-taught – in any dance discipline (hip hop, breakdance, pop, contemporary etc).

Please email your self-taped audition to as soon as possible or if you have any questions please use the same email address.

Find out how to send your self-taped audition here:


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