Oscar-winning short ‘Hair Love’ by Matthew A. Cherry to be turned into new series titled ‘Young Love’

Matthew A. Cherry’s new series Young Love inspired by short film Hair Love will premiere on HBO Max.

Matthew A. Cherry is a film director, film director, writer, and producer. He wrote and directed two independent films, The Last Fall (2012), and 9 Rides (2016), and is currently an executive at Monkey.paw Productions.

He is best known for the 2019 Academy Award-winning animated short film, Hair Love, which was picked up by Sony Picture Animation in March 2019 for distribution. The Kickstarter campaign for Hair Love raised over $200,000 and broke the record for the highest amount raised for any short film on the platform.

Hair Love follows the story of Stephen who must do his daughter’s hair for the first time for an important meeting. The film begins with seven-year-old Zuri who is trying desperately to recreate a style following a video made by her mother voiced by Issa Rae. She turns to her father for much-needed help to get her beautiful thick kinky hair into her desired style. After many attempts, they succeed and we see exactly why it was so important for the little girl to do her hair, she is picking up her mother from the hospital after having chemotherapy. As she enters the room her mother removes her scarf to reveal a bald head, the family embrace and they and then return home together.

Young Love will be a 12-episode series featuring the characters from Hair Love, Cherry will share the role of show-runner with Carl Jones (Boondocks, Black Dynamite). The series will be executive produced by Monica A. Young who produced Hair Love. Young Love is expected to go beyond Stephen and Zuri and introduce viewers to the rest of the Young family, including mom Angela and Rocky, the pet cat. The show will tackle careers, marriage, parenthood, multigenerational dynamics, social issues and other matters that impact the modern millennial family.

I am beyond excited to continue telling the story of Stephen, Angela and Zuri and further explore the family dynamics of a young Black millennial family we established in our short film, Hair Love, as an animated series,” said Cherry. “Couldn’t ask for better partners in Sony Pictures Animation and HBO Max in helping us get Young Love out to the world.”


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