POETRY MONTH – Peace the Poet

Peace (real name Donovan Campbell) was born in Wednesbury but grew up in Walsall, West Midlands where he still resides.

He is a poet, musician, and photographer who began writing poetry in the early 80’s but begun publishing his works online in 2007. His library of work is very emotive and sometimes quite dark, his poetry exudes a lot of passion as he speaks about subjects such as Love and Politics.

I caught up with the poet to discuss his work…

What or who inspired you to become a poet?

I don’t know if I can really answer that, but what I can say is that music, art, and drama have never been too far away from me. The first time I can remember that I actually made up a rhyme was when I appeared as Wishy Washy in a junior school production of Aladdin and had to improvise while I was washing a tub of dirty clothes.

I also remember enjoying the old Ladybird ‘Peter and Jane‘ books which I somehow found quite poetic, and later on, Dr. Seuss’ ‘Cat In The Hat’ books were always an enjoyable read. These experiences may well have influenced me but I can’t be sure as I don’t think I really began to write poetry until my late teens.

 What does Poetry mean to you?

Poetry is life and life is poetry. I’m not sure if I could live another day without seeing things this way. One has to have a means by which to put one’s life or experience into actual or imaginable perspective and I’d say that poetry has enabled that for me and countless others.

Life has so many shades and textures and poetry not only enables me to explore this but also helps me to negotiate a pathway through it or even seek solace from it.  My hope is that my poetry will, wherever possible, do the same for others.

Which poets inspired you?

I was absolutely blown away by Jamaican Poet, Winston Smith the first time I heard his recordings.  Likewise with Linton Kwesi Johnson. When I found Vernon Scannell’s poetry that was both very timely and deeply inspiring. I think Poetry Jackson’s work is awesome and if anyone were to actually be my favourite then right now it would be her.

What do you consider your accomplishments as a poet so far

Accomplishments? That depends on what you’re values or perspectives are I guess. Looking back I am pretty proud that I took to the stage to recite a poem called ‘Chicken Rock’ at an after march rally that was protesting about the suspicious and untimely death of a young Britafrican Caribbean friend back in the late 80’s.  I feel truly blessed that when I recited the poem it was so well received.  If that ticks the  ‘accomplishments’ box then cool.

Name 3 of your favourite poems that you have written

Sin City (Epilogue of ‘The Tyrant ‘s Legacy’), The Light, The Emptiest

Where can we find your work?

I have created three websites where I currently publish my work.  The Echoes Collection is near enough completed but ADITLOART and my icons site are works in progress. They’re all linked so once you find one it shouldn’t be too difficult to discover the others.

I intend to publish my work for no charge for as long as I can afford to because I hate what money has done to society and I hate to be a part of the systems that prise hard earned cash outta poor folks pockets. If a commission opportunity arrives and I need the cash we’ll see.

You can find Peace on Twitter: @Talk2PeaceX and echoesbypeace.blogspot.co.uk


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