Richard Antwi Scholarship opens – Wretch 32 and Taponeswa Mavunga support

Wretch 32 and Taponeswa Mavunga support with a call for aspiring candidates to sign up

The Richard Antwi Scholarship is an annual award, which found its first scholar in 2018. The scholarship is now funded by all three UK major record labels, music publishers, and several of the top independent music companies and music law firms: Sony Music UK, Universal Music Group, Warner Music UK, Sony Music Publishing, XL Records, Beggars Group, Young Turks, Clintons, Hoare Associates and Modest!

The annual scholarship was created in memory of Richard Antwi, who passed away in 2016 and left an indelible legacy on the music industry. The scholarship seeks to support emerging black and ethnically diverse talent looking to study on the Music Business Management MA course at the University of Westminster.

The scholarship emerged from the abundance of goodwill Richard left in his wake amongst many of the sector’s creators and shapers, who experienced his support and counsel directly. Wretch 32 (artist, 0207 Def Jam Creative Director) and Taponeswa Mavunga (Director of Africa Sony Music UK) were close to Richard during his life and support the work of the scholarship, which seeks to continue Richard’s legacy of supporting young people with sharp instincts, exceptional talent, drive, and ambition, to find their pathway and increase representation at every career stage in the industry.

Wretch 32- creative director of 0207 Def Jam & Taponeswa – Director of Africa at Sony Music UK

Wretch 32 said “My brother Rich always had time for everyone, he taught me the true values of staying true to your roots. Striving for excellence, whilst giving back. Legacy was always at the forefront of his genius of a mind. Although my brother’s left me in the physical, he has been and will always be, by my side in spirit. It’s an honour to be a part of the scholarship and still be an anchor to the captain of the ship Richard Antwi.”

Taponeswa Mavunga said “I’m so blessed to have had a friendship with Richard that spanned over 20 years. He was extremely wise and also generous with an incredible eye for spotting talent within people. This scholarship has been a fitting tribute to a man who strived for excellence in all he did and pushed others to achieve the same and I know he would be at the forefront championing the next generation of cultural leaders”

The scholarship is awarded in conjunction with the University of Westminster, to applicants who hold an offer of a place on the university’s highly regarded Music Business Management MA course. The course acts as a bridge between academic study, research, and the professional world of music business; preparing students to become the next generation of music industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

The scholarship was founded in 2016 by friends and family, as a response to the sudden death of hugely respected industry lawyer, manager and entrepreneur, Richard Antwi, who had contributed to the Music Business Management MA course on numerous occasions as a guest lecturer. The scholarship award comprises full course fees; a bursary of £10,200; mentorship and assistance with work placement aligned with the scholar’s professional focus and aspirations.

Previous scholars include inaugural recipient Jojo Mukeza, Esther Bokuma (aka Estee Blu) and Daniel Beckley, all are now placed within the industry.

Phillip Antwi said “We’re really excited about the reopening of applications, which not only lifts our spirits, but offers much-needed opportunity to talented individuals in the current climate. There is a real sense of achievement in seeing what the past scholars have gone on to do, and we’re looking forward to seeing what great things new scholars will achieve. My brother, Richard, was passionate about helping others reach their potential and the Richard Antwi Scholarship is an embodiment of his much-used phrase ‘how can I help?’. We hope to see the scholarship grow and continue to honour his legacy in this way.”

Jojo Mukeza added “The Richard Antwi Scholarship made a colossal difference and played a huge part in the opportunities that I have in front of me today. I have changed my narrative and it’s now possible to inspire others in my community. Where I am now at 207 Def Jam, one of the best labels in the business that understands the unique experience I bring, I am able to fulfil my career and creative ambitions. I never got to meet Richard personally, but I am receiving the seeds that he sowed in the industry, culture and spaces that I move in as a young black man and for that I’m so grateful.”

The University of Westminster, Music Business Management Masters course virtual open days 

  • May 8th 11am-1pm
  • June 12th at 11am-1pm

Sign-up here


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