Royal Court Theatre Announce Lemn Sissay’s The Report Directed By John E Mcgrath

 “One reader. One table. And me. And The Report.”

Lemn Sissay MBE is a poet, playwright, broadcaster and actor. 
Lemn was brought up in care and he is taking the social services to court for stealing his life. As part of the legal proceedings Lemn has had to undergo a 5-hour psychological assessment. 
Just before Lemn turns 50, he will hear a reading of The Report for the first time live on the Royal Court stage. He invites the public to join him.

When a person claims abuse by the system a report is written. The Report unveils everything.

The Report will be read by Julie Hesmondhalgh (God Bless The Child – Royal Court, Coronation Street – ITV) and is directed by John E McGrath (Artistic Director of Manchester International Festival) 2017.

Excerpt from Lemn Sissay’s Blog March 20th 2017;
“A few weeks ago I sat down in a beige interview room in the legal district of Leeds City Centre. I thought it was going to be easy. The man sat behind the table opposite me had been appointed by my lawyer. He was neither friendly ‘we’re going to be five hours at least’ or unfriendly ‘There’s a lot to get through.’ He clicked his ballpoint pen and the psychological interrogation of my life began. Mid way through the interview I broke down. This week I received The Report via my lawyer. He said it brought him to tears. I’ve decided to listen to it for the first time on stage, supported by an audience.”

Commenting on the project director John E McGrath states;
“Having worked with Lemn on his theatre pieces since 2002, and in particular having explored his personal journey of discovery in Something Dark, it is an honour to support him through this uniquely brave artistic and personal project”

Any profits from the performance will go towards the set up of the Lemn Sissay Foundation.


The Report, Directed by John E McGrath takes place at the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, Royal Court Theatre. Sunday 30 April, 6pm 2017. Find out more here.

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