Russian Roulette The Movie by Emmanuel Speaks

Emmanuel Speaks is a 20 year old spoken-word poet from East London. He’s all about his wordplay, and ability to inspire.

Russian Roulette is a short film adaptation of the storyline presented by Emmanuel’s debut EP of the same name. Serving as a music video compilation – Russian Roulette will take you on a journey of lust, love, faith, gender and power. Then bring to light socially “awkward” issues such as domestic violence and depression, from a fresh and gripping angle. Featuring some of the brightest, up and coming artists and producers from London, coming together to create art with a meaning.

Every track from Russian Roulette is a spin on songs from Beyoncé’s I Am.. Sasha Fierce album, to form a seamless and (hopefully) captivating plot; each track a different part of the story-line, which the short film will tie together.


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