Ruth Edmondson Launches – Black History Comprehension Collection

Ruth Edmondson is a qualified Psychotherapist by day and an Author by night.  Having previously worked as a Senior Youth Worker, she merged her experience and knowledge of working with children and young people with her knowledge of Psychology to create fun and interactive activity books, games and educational resources that are aimed at raising self-esteem and bringing communities together through inclusive learning.

Her Inspiration:

ruth_edmondson_black_historyI was inspired by my daughter (10years old), who said to me ‘mummy will I ever become anything great, because I don’t see many black people on TV, and only 1 of my teachers are black, all the other black
people in school are dinner ladies’.

This struck a nerve! I explained to her that there were many great black people who have achieved greatness, and many Inventors, though embarrassingly at that point, I could not name one.

This encouraged me to read up on black history, and the more I learnt, I taught my daughter. Whilst doing some English Comprehension on holiday, I thought it would be very good for my daughter if I could find a comprehension book on Black History. I searched the net, I visited Waterstones and many other high street stores. I could find nothing. This prompted me to write one myself.

Finally I have a finished product which I am proud to introduce to the world and I hope from the bottom of my heart that through education we can try to combat some of the issues we are having with black youths of today. If this was in my day, my bottom would be sore from beats, but this is a different time and so hence the need for a different approach.

The Collection:

The collection includes, comprehension text books, games, and other educational resources aimed to educate children of all ages and races about the importance of black history and the impact that learning
black history will have on society as a whole and future generations of black/African people.

Black History Comprehension: Inventors
Author: Ruth Edmonson
Purchase: Waterstones | Amazon | Website | Royal Natty | Ankh Wellbeing Centre.


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