Secure your Bag with We Are Parable

Event company We Are Parable has curated a weekend of heist films called ‘Secure the Bag

Celebrating films that put black protagonists at the forefront Secure The Bag will take place at the Rio Cinema on Friday April 5th and Sunday 7th April, and will include three features: F. Gary Gray’s Set It Off, The Hughes Brothers underrated classic Dead Presidents and the 2006 film from Spike Lee, Inside Man.

“We’re really happy to bring these classic films back to the big screen, and especially in a way that repositions them as important entries in the heist genre,” Anthony Andrews, co-founder of We Are Parable, says. “… with a film like “Set It Off” – it’s a great film, of course, but it was more groundbreaking than anyone could have imagined. Four black women, unapologetic about their motives and unwilling to be pushed and pulled by anyone. The decisions they make throughout lead to a fantastic story, but also have the makings of a classic heist film.”

“What is great about this set of films is that two of them are taken from the vantage point of the people who are planning and executing the crime” says Teanne Andrews, co-founder of We Are Parable. “The last film of the three “Inside Man” focuses primarily on Denzel Washington’s cop character as he just might be uncovering a bigger conspiracy.”

Repositioning these films is important for We Are Parable, but adding the experience for their audience has equal prominence, and to that end, they intend to punctuate the screenings with DJs and talks from prominent cultural commentators on why the black character in heist films are so important.

Set It Off – As part of the “Secure The Bag” Weekender, we bring you 1996 classic Set it Off starring Jada Pinkett and Queen Latifah.

Friday, April 5th @ 23.30 Book Tickets

Four lifelong friends find themselves in various difficult situations and decide that the only way to escape is to plan and execute a bank robbery. An instant classic when released and showing at the Rio for one night only!

Music video director F. Gary Gray’s 1996 crime thriller is the story of four women from a housing project in L.A. who turn to bank robbing. Ever since her parents’ death, Stony (Jada Pinkett Smith) has had to act as a parent to her little brother Stevie; Cleo (Queen Latifah) is a lesbian who wants nothing more than to customize her classic car; Tisean (Kimberly Elise) is a painfully shy single mother to her son Jajuan, struggling to make ends meet; and Frankie (Vivica A. Fox) is a stylish ex-bank teller. It’s a tense, original caper film brimming with four excellent performances and the ring of truth.

We Are Parable presents Dead Presidents as part of the Secure The Bag Weekender.

Sunday, April 7th @ 13:00 Book Tickets

Anthony Curtis is about from graduate from high school in 1969 but decides he’s going to fight in the Vietnam War. When he returns, he has a family to care for but no job. His only option is to turn to a life of crime and pull off an audacious crime that will change his life forever. From the makers of Menace II Society, this energetic and visceral film is one not to miss.

We Are Parable presents Inside Man as part of the Secure The Bag Weekender.

Sunday, April 7th @ 15.15 Book Tickets

From the one and only Spike Lee comes his first ever studio film and his second highest grossing (After the recent BlacKkKlansman). Our final film in the “Secure The Bag” weekender flips the script and places the Black protagonist in the position of the police. Denzel Washington plays the cop hunting for the cunning thief Clive Owen, who’s looking to steal extremely rare jewels…or is he?

A love letter to Spike’s admiration of Al Pacino’s Dog Day Afternoon, Inside Man keeps you guessing until the final frame.


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