So Solid ‘They Don’t Know’ 10 Year Anniversary Tour @ 02 Indigo

It’s been hard to concentrate the morning after the night before when I was at one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to …

… and I’ve been to a heck of a lot.

Leaving the 02 Indigo after the So Solid concert left me feeling Overly Excited, Hyped, Rowdy (maybe it’s a good thing there were so many police representatives around the 02 after all), Emotional, Inspired, Proud to be a British African originally from Saaaf West London…and mostly feening for the good ole days of my early 20’s when my sole purpose in life was R.A.V.I.N.G.

So rewinding back to when I first heard the words ‘So Solid are in concert ya knah blud!’ (yes that’s how me and my grown girls speak at times…) It was a no-brainer. My crew of 30-shutYourMouth-yr old homegirls who can barely get together for tea let alone getting to Greenwich on a weeknight were adamant that by hook or by crook we’d be at this historical event.

A tad dramatic? Yeah, maybe…but those of you who know, will understand the importance of So Solid. Those of you who remember raving at Chunnel Club, Grays Inn Road, Sun City, Coliseum. Those of you of the pre-digital era who remember walking all over their homes trying to get the strongest radio signal to listen to underground Garage choones via pirate stations Delight FM, Rinse Fm etc. Will UNDERSTAND.

02 Indigo was rammed with fans from all ages, as the crew yelled out who was born in the 80’s, 90’s, 70’s we were all repping, even an aunty jamming with us in the front row was mad they didn’t ask about those born in the 60’s.  3so_solid_reunion_tour_2013With 90% of So Solid members in attendance kickstarting with Oxide and Neutrino’s ‘Bound For The Reload’ there was hit after hit after hit after hit after…(and you sceptics thought they wouldn’t have enough tracks to perform). Getting together on tracks ‘Ride Wid Us’,  ‘Haters’, ‘So Grimey’  – random erm lingerie clad females were the only confusion at this point.

Members who had solo breakout hits were also given time to shine, including Lisa Maffia’s ‘All Over’ hyped with the ever animated and cheeky JD aka Dready, Asher D’s ‘Back in The Day’  – yes Ashley Walters really was there.

The solo section which had me acting like a foolish pre-teen at a One Direction concert, was when Swiss killed the crowd when he dropped ‘Cry’…which I almost did.

Romeo (Dun) got his deep-voiced schwexy schwagger on ‘Oh No’…A few minutes to talk about how great Lisa Maffia looks, and how hyperactive MC Harvey is…Okay… Chipmunk came out did a quick two choones. (An intended guest appearance was to be from Skepta who was blocked from entering the venue unnecessarily by the Police…and we’re back to why were there so many police there really).

Another ‘proper concert moment’  As my friend described it. Was when Mega started So Solid classic ‘Envy’ then made a sad comment about Ms. Dynamite not being there to drop her iconic bars…then rewind the track and who bursts onto the stage like a Ragga Firecracker! If you haven’t seen Ms. Dynamite live then…put it on your to-do list. I kinda wished Dynamite was given a 10min medley break but still…

What else…erm…there was a nutty finale when the whole crew wiled out on the stage before the night culminated with Mega introducing his son and daughter who were the babies at the beginning of the 21 Seconds video…So you know what came next. And then it was over, cue the emotions I spoke about earlier.

This was an important moment. The UK can and does create legends. It may seem as I said, a tad dramatic to call a rowdy crew of rappers, emcees, actors, producers and them ones who no one knew what they did but they were So Solid all the same,  legends…but why not? A crew from the hood who dominated the charts, award shows, the industry before the British Black music industry existed the way it does today… A crew who paved the way for every Grime, Hip Hop male & female artist we’re listening in 2013.  A crew who stuck a strong middle finger up at the stiffs of the difficult British Music industry who didn’t understand how a group of young African-Caribbeans could unify and take charge of their business… I could go on.

The tour continues April 20th in Birmingham…kinda wanna go still…fam…



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