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Soon Gone: A Windrush Chronicle is eight 15-minute monologues set in the front room of an Afro-Caribbean home.

In association with BBC Arts and in partnership with Sir Lenny Henry’s production company Douglas Road and the Young Vic Theatre, The monologues follow the highs and lows of one family from their arrival in England in the 1940s up to the present day as they explore their hopes and desires, challenges and shattered dreams.

They have been curated by the Young Vic’s Artistic Director Kwame Kwei-Armah (Elmina’s Kitchen) and feature some of the UK’s finest acting talent. The eight films are written by a team of leading writers for television and stage.

Episode dates, air times and synopses:

Eunice 1949
Episode 1: Sunday 17 February 2019, 10.00 pm
It’s 1949 and a year after arriving on the Empire Windrush, Eunice Daley finds herself moving into a room in her uncle’s house, her belongings crammed into cardboard boxes.

Eunice: Danielle Vitalis
Writer: Carmen Harris
Director: Destiny Ekaragha

Cyrus 1951
Episode 2:
Sunday 17 February 2019, 10.15 pm
Cyrus Williams believes he has found the love of his life in a young nurse, Eunice Daley. A chance meeting was all it took for him to want to spend the rest of his life with her.

Cyrus: Clifford Samuel
Writer: Kwame Kwei-Armah
Director: Christiana Ebohon-Green

Kev 1968
Episode 3: Monday 18 February 2019, 10.00 pm
It’s 1968, and while the world is exploding around him, racially and politically, 17-year-old Kev keeps a low profile as a mechanic, the only black man in a white-owned garage.

Kev: Jonathan Jules
Writer: Clint Dyer
Director: Dionne Edwards

Yvonne 1981
Episode 4: Monday 18 February 2019, 10.15 pm
In 1981, as Yvonne prepares to demonstrate for the young black victims of the New Cross fire, she finds herself giving expression to a deeper, personal loss for the first time.

Yvonne: Vinette Robinson
Writer: Juliet Gilkes Romero
Director: Christiana Ebohon-Green

Samantha 1993
Episode 5: Tuesday 19 February 2019,
As the only white person in her husband’s large family, Samantha Williams has had to counter racial assumptions from both his family and her own.

Samantha: Montserrat Lombard
Writer: Angie Le Mar
Director: Destiny Ekaragha

Malcolm and David 2000
Episode 6: Tuesday 19 February 2019, 10.15 pm
At the start of a new century, 21-year-old cousins Malcolm and David reflect on their radically different upbringings and consider their current situations.

Malcolm and David: Gamba Cole; David Elliot Barnes-Worrell
Writer: Roy Williams
Director: Tinge Krishnan

Cyrus 2011
Episode 7: Wednesday 20 February 2019, 10 pm
It is 2019, but in Cyrus’s confused mind it could be London 2011, and there are riots outside the house. Dementia forces his memories to fragment.

Cyrus: Sir Lenny Henry
Writer: Roy Williams
Director: Tinge Krishnan

Michaela 2019
Episode 8: Wednesday 20 February 2019, 10.15
Teenager Michaela Williams has always considered herself black but looks white. Now, the Windrush scandal has brought the question of her heritage and belonging into sharp relief.

Michaela: Olivia-Mai Barrett
Writer: Carol Russell
Director: Dionne Edwards

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