Stormzy launches Cambridge scholarship for black students

Stormzy has launched a  scholarship for two British Black students to go to the University of Cambridge.

Stormzy’s Scholarship fund tuition fees and a maintenance grant for up to four years of an undergraduate course. Two students this year and two 2019.

Stormzy said via his Instagram page:

I am very very very proud to announce the launch of my new scholarship “The Stormzy Scholarship” in partnership with Cambridge University. With this scholarship we will be funding and covering the full tuition and maintenance for 2 black students this year and 2 black students in 2019 to study at Cambridge University. We as a minority are still heavily under represented at the top universities and I pray this scholarship serves as a reminder that we are more than capable of studying at places of this caliber. Congratulations to all the A-Level students getting their results today, be proud of yourselves despite what you got and overstand that this is only the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come! This is my proudest venture thus far and I look forward to seeing some young black geniuses go on to achieve at Cambridge via this scholarship.

To find out more about the scholarship go to for all info.

Applications close Thursday 30th August!


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