TBB Talks To.. actor and director Jordan Pitt...

If you found an unattended bag in the middle of the street, would you let curiosity take over and look inside?

TBB Talks touches hands with … Amma...

With Belle (2013) and A United Kingdom (2016) under her belt, British Ghanaian Asante is back with her latest project Where Hands Touch, which tells the overlooked story of mixed children born during the Nazi regime.

TBB Talks … Marian Edusei is a Filmmaker...

Marian Edusei is a filmmaker determined to give a creative voice to the voiceless.

TBB Talks To… Filmmaker Reuben Esson-Parkes

Amal is a story about the trials of refuges, The adversities they must overcome and the hope they must cling to. TBB Talks caught up with Reuben Esson-Parkes to find out why he chose to bring this particular story to life.