Talent Led: Next Gen for 18-25 year old South Londoners 

Independent Film Trust launches Talent Led: Next Generation, supported by the Portal Trust, to help young, diverse creatives with fresh ideas enter the UK film industry.

The Independent Film Trust (IFT) is launching a professional mentoring programme, called Talent Led: Next Generation, for 18-25-year-old film, TV and immersive media creatives looking to pursue a professional career in the UK screen sector. The scheme has been sponsored by the Portal Trust who are dedicated to supporting young people in London to have life-enhancing, educational experiences.

Talent Led: Next Generation will teach fifteen young writers, directors and producers about the film development and pitching process; whilst simultaneously educating the young creatives about the skills and industry knowledge needed for all elements of film production. Thanks to the funding from the Portal Trust, the programme offers masterclasses, and one-to-one mentoring and culminates in a pitching showcase, where the creatives will get to pitch their projects to industry executives and agents looking for fresh talent and ideas.

Talent Led: Next Generation has been created in response to the British production boom and the industry’s need for qualified production talent. This programme aims to give young people from inner-city neighbourhoods in London a taste of the professional world of film and TV, boost their employability prospects and help them forge a meaningful path in the UK screen sector. This will equip the young people with the tools and intel to build life-long careers in the industry and plug the skills gap that is much needed for the future of UK film.

The programme is open to 18-25-year-olds living in Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and Wandsworth and we particularly welcome those who identify as underrepresented in the UK film and TV industry.

The application process is open now and throughout May 2022, you can apply via the IFT website here. The programme will start in early June 2022. For more information please contact: lily@independentfilmtrust.org.


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