TBB Founder Akua Gyamfi Discusses Hollywood Whitewashing & Star Power on TRT World

TRT World is an online platform interested in the global community focused around change. They look beyond the headlines to drive meaningful conversations that empower. Connecting people across the globe to issues that matter by exploring the reality behind the hashtags and the people behind the statistics. By placing the human at the heart of each story TRT hopes to promote a global conscience that provokes moral reactions – revealing a deeper understanding of the diversity of the lives around us.

TRT’s Insight current affairs show last week asked why white actors are so often cast in high-profile roles, regardless of the written ethnicity of the characters, and will also look at the furore that’s caused on the rare occasions someone black takes a role seen as being for a white person. They also took a look at star power and whether or not Hollywood films need the star power of celebrities to ensure a box office hit…

Founder of The British Blacklist Akua Gyamfi and renowned film critic Richard Fitzwilliams, joined Insight host Martin Stanford to discuss…

Hollywood Whitewashing

Star Power

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