It’s quite an unprecedented time for theatre, with a higher than usual number of British Black Artistic Directors overseeing on stage storytelling …

But what a time to be in control of a ship that’s been hit by a COVID iceberg! Since lockdown, the Creative Arts across screen, stage, literature, and sound has had to completely rethink how it continues to make and then deliver content to audiences whilst keeping safe. They also have to consider how to engage an audience overwhelmed with the availability of online content across a number of platforms during and post lockdown with restrictions and social distancing guidelines affecting the usual ‘real-world’ entertainment venues.

The Covid-19 crisis threatens all aspects of the theatrical ecology but catalysed by the revelations of the racial disparity in the health crisis, this group of Black, Asian and ethnically diverse artistic leaders call on the government and the sector to ensure the progress we have collectively made does not fall by the wayside

Artistic Directors open letter to the Government May 28th 2020

Theatre because of its dependency on the physical attendance of its audiences has suffered the most during this time. In May of this year, 60 Black & Asian Artistic Directors sent an open letter to the Government citing the perils lockdown / COVID-19 has had on the Theatre industry and even more so, how it will disproportionately affect Theatre creatives from marginalised groups. (Read the full open letter here)

The British Blacklist brought together British Black ADs to share their thoughts on how Black Theatre progresses and pivots to survive this crisis …

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