TBB Talks to … Charmaine Hayden about Face4Music Modeling agency & NFTR Online Radio Show

Charmaine Hayden is an award winning director of modelling agency, Face4Music – the leading ‘curve’ specialist model agency and currently co-host of the UK online radio show ‘NFTR – Not for The Radio’ alongside Duane Jones & Posty.

Charmaine studied Law and Psychology at London’s University of East London, whilst organising her own live music events. In 2008 she decided that she would follow her passion joining the role of a model agent which she coaches models who are curvy with a wide spectrum of sizes, to walk confidently despite not fitting the status requirements to be a model.

Described as the UK version of the popular American radio show, The Breakfast Club, with Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee, Not for The Radio NFTR is brought to you by Posty, Founder of GRM Daily, Charmaine Hayden Face4Music CEO and veteran former BBC 1Xtra presenter/DJ Duane Jones, also known as Vis. The show speaks on UK Grime, rap, latest trends, shows and topics on social media. Charmaine brings the female energy speaking out on issues that are hot-button topics in the media industry with honesty and humour.

How did you end up on NFTR?

Not For The Radio panelists - Posty, Duane and Charmaine with Wretch 32
Not For The Radio panelists – Posty, Duane and Charmaine with Wretch 32

I wasn’t actually a part of the initial thought process for the show; I just received a call from the guys saying there isn’t anyone else that they think would better suit the role. I loved the concept and have a huge respect for both Duane and Posty so for me it was a no-brainer.

How did you all meet?

I met both of them on music video sets early on in all of our careers, and have built a bond through working on projects together over the years.

The show is fast getting the reputation for speaking out hot and sometimes controversial topics in the media and entertainment world do you ever get scared of negative response?

The concept behind the show was to interview people from the scenes in an honest, and candid way.  We encourage all responses; the show is for the people.

As the only woman on the team do you ever have to fight to get your opinion across?

Funnily enough I don’t really see myself as the only woman on the team I just see myself as a member of the team.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on air?

We have so much fun I am always laughing. I think the silence after Bushkin said he invented Grime and Duane challenged him by asking, ‘Didn’t Wiley create Grime?’ was probably the funniest.

Who do you argue with the most, Duane or Posty?

None of us argue. We all love a bit of banter so we do challenge one another but we are yet to actually be cross with one another.

Can you reveal any lined up guests?

No. But the last person we had on was Tinchy.

Who would be your ideal guest?

For me personally right now I think it would be Dizzee.

You also run Face4music, a triple award winning modelling agency, how did you get started?
I do indeed run F4M with my best friend Lina. Face4music was actually something that we fell into, started doing it as a hobby and loved doing it so much that we thought we would turn it into a business.

What was the inspiration for the name Face4music?

When we initially started we called the company Face4music because we wanted to supply models for music videos, but as demand grew for curvy models we re-branded and called the agency F4M models so it could better appeal to our broader client base.

You studied Law and Psychology at London’s University of East London, when did you have a change of heart in the profession you wanted to pursue?

I always knew that I wasn’t the typical employee. I went to university so that I didn’t have to work full time, made my mum happy and ultimately to buy myself some time to figure out what I actually wanted to do without feeling like a waste.

How has Face4music grown overtime?

It’s difficult to quantify the growth but it has been pretty substantial. Face4music has now won 3 awards for best model agency and has offices in London’s Soho and Birmingham with clients from all over the world.

With Face4music being the leading “curvy” specialist model agency, what are your views of the status requirements to be a model and do you feel like there is too much pressure or stereotypes when it comes to becoming a model?

I think that the curve is certainly breaking the mould not just for curvy models but for niche models in general. As a model there will always be pressure but there is hope for people that do not fit the status quo size 0, 5’11 specifications.

What advice would you give an aspiring model?

I would advise aspiring models to study what area of modelling they want to get into, research agencies that are best fitting for their body shape/height and go for it!

With both careers which has been your most challenging event so far?

Being an entrepreneur is certainly the most challenging but also the most rewarding.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not juggling both roles?

I’m also a confidence coach so most of my time is divided between being an entrepreneur, host and confidence coach. Outside of that I love a good bit of banter and I am the ultimate book whore; I love to read and listen to audio books!

Is there any advice you would give to people who would like to work in the fields you do?

Know your craft, your field and your worth!

Find out more about Face4music via their Website | Twitter
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